Welcome to A3M Consulting

A3M work with organisations in the pursuit of Organisational Excellence.

Helping Organisations large and small; work more effectively, reduce waste and improve outcomes.

Our logo means “accumulation of excellence” (积聚卓越) and it sums up what we do. A3M help organisations large and small (from a single unit coffee shop to a Government department) deliver excellence through their people, processes and structures.

We work with organisations in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia, providing a range of services to help transform organisations including; developing new ways to optimise performance, improve organisational agility, boosting productivity, through to delivering training to improve your organisational capability.

A3M typically work on a cost plus value pricing approach. This means that your costs are directly aligned to your gains, leading to better cost control and greater confidence in increased outcomes.

NEW: Developing and evaluating Organisation Design options

Read our new article on how you can developing options for your new Organisation Design to create competitive advantage.